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Medical Insurance

Medical aid is a form of health insurance cover that pays for the necessary medical services to hospitals, clinics, health facilities and registered practitioners. In South Africa, medical aid can provide cover for an individual, a couple or family. It also protects the family member and dependents from the financial impact that can be incurred from private health care expenses.

In South Africa, the public health care system is poorly managed. This often means that a patient gets below average treatment because it is free. Medical aid makes sure that a person will have access to some of the best private medical services in the country for a nominal fee.

Trying to figure out which medical aid plan to choose can be like deciphering hieroglyphics, which is why it’s always good to use a third party that can compare different medical aid quotes to make the process easier; Biggy is one such party.

The process of finding a medical aid that does not have high fees and hidden costs is not only long and tedious but can also be frustrating. Thankfully, by entering your information onto Biggy’s secure website, it will automatically and efficiently compare several of South Africa’s most reputable medical aids and give you quotes on options that match your specific lifestyle.

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