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Medical Gap

There are few things that can rapidly chip away at your hard earned income more than expensive medical treatments, but that’s what medical aid is for, right? Maybe not. As a medical aid scheme member, you probably believe that the costs of any hospitalisation and treatment will be covered in full by your insurance company. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

The truth is that your cover is dictated by the individual scheme’s medical aid tariffs, which are unrelated to the actual cost a highly respected medical practitioner can charge for his or her services. In fact, many medical practitioners, such as anaesthetists and specialists often charge up to five times the medical scheme tariffs allocated for their services, and you, as the patient, are expected to cover the shortfall.

That’s where medical gap cover comes in. This useful insurance product is designed to help take the stress out of an already dramatic situation by assisting you in meeting the deficit left over when your medical aid runs dry.

Let find the most budget friendly gap cover to suit your needs, and rest assured knowing that your medical needs are covered to their fullest possible extent.

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