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Tyre and Rim Guard

Any South African driver will tell you that tyres and rims bear most of the brunt when it comes to badly maintained roads.

With the number and size of potholes all over the country, even the most conscientious driver is bound to be caught unaware and end up with costly repairs and replacements on their hands from time to time. Thankfully, insurance providers are able to offer products designed specifically to keep you safely on the road by assuming the expense of repairing and replacing tyres and rims damaged by the conditions on South Africa’s deteriorating roads.

Use to get quotes in mere seconds and find the right tyre and rim insurance cover to fit both your needs and your budget. Don’t let a pothole take away the exhilarating freedom that comes with being able to drive your very own car! Contact us and find the best tyre and rim guard policies at the click of a mouse.

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