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Motor Warranty

Few moments can beat the feeling of driving your new car out of the dealership – sadly however, that feeling does not last forever.

Cars are known to be a depreciating asset, and no matter how carefully you drive, it is perfectly natural for technical and maintenance issues to arise from time to time. Your car’s warranty is there to help you out if your vehicle repairs are necessary, but what happens after the warranty runs out?

Thankfully, there are insurance products designed for just such occurrences. Motor warranty insurance is usually defined either as a “pre-owned warranty” or an “extended warranty”.

A pre-owned warranty is designed for vehicles whose manufacturer’s warranty has already expired, and will cover you for the cost of repairing and replacing components listed under the specifications of the policy.

Extended warranties allow you to extend the original manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the benefit of unlimited repair or replacement values on the components covered by the scheme.

Let find the perfect motor warranty cover for your vehicle, and avoid all the nasty surprises that may come with owning a car in South Africa.

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