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Car Insurance

Did you know that out of the estimated 10 million motorists on South African roads, a whopping 65% do not have any form of car insurance? The financial risk of becoming another statistic is far too high to leave to chance.

If you are involved in an accident regardless of whose fault it was and you do not have any car insurance, you could end up shouldering the burden for a large percentage of the costs. This can be extremely frustrating and disruptive to your life, however, by getting car insurance you can enjoy peace of mind during these stressful situations.

Whether you are new to the world of having the responsibility that comes with owning your own car or you are a veteran car owner and experienced driver, you have probably discovered by now that your car can sometimes feel like a part of the family. Just like you would your family, you owe it to yourself to protect your vehicle.

Car insurance can also protect your vehicle even if you are not the one driving at the time of the accident, as long as this is specified in your insurance cover. will allow you to compare a range of vehicle insurance brands, how much they cost and the intricate benefits they offer, making sure that you find the best deal on your personal car insurance.

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