5 Incredible Uses for Castle Beer, Besides Drinking It

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5 Incredible Uses for Castle Beer, Besides Drinking It

5 Incredible Uses for Castle Beer Braai January 2016

There is no better way to truly enjoy a braai, cricket match, party, rugby match (and so on), than with an ice cold Castle beer.  But, aside from drinking it, did you know that beer has numerous uses that stand to benefit your life more than a Springbok victory?  No?  Well, let us enlighten you.

Here is a look at 5 uses for beer that you absolutely won’t believe:

  1. Marinade

You may be familiar with the process of violating chickens with beer cans and throwing them on the braai, but did you know that beer works for more than just chicken?  That’s right, beer is actually a great marinade for a variety of meats.  You can use to marinade all of your meat cuts before you fry or grill them, and you can add it to stews, seafood dishes, and really anything that takes your fancy.

  1. Batter

Staying with cooking, Castle beer is excellent for making batter.  The yeast and the bubbles make brilliantly light and fluffy pancakes, and the flavour is a welcome addition to this breakfast favourite.  Beer is also a perfect ingredient for making battered foods like onion rings and battered sausages.  When fried it creates a perfectly crispy crust that just explodes with flavour.

  1. Castle Bath Lotion

Sometimes raucous nights at pubs leave people with more beer on their outsides than inside them.  This, however, is rarely on purpose (unless they’re re-enacting John Belushi’s famous Joe Cocker impersonation).  But, as it turns out, Castle beer’s antioxidants are fantastic for your skin.  So, if you sneak into a bath every now and then, pour in a little beer as you’re running it – your skin will thank you for it.

  1. Plant Fertiliser

Pouring half of your beer into the garden ironically, offering ‘a drink for your dead homies’, might be more ironic than you think.  Beer has various sugars that help plants grow, making them lush and vibrant.  So, instead of dead homies you’ve got living, flourishing plants (thanks to your gardening skills), and you’re not quite as gangster as you think.

  1. Stain Removal

Have you ever been drinking coffee and wishing it was a Castle beer?  Well, now you may have just cause to open one.  Beer is a great coffee stain remover; better than chemicals according to some experts.  So, next time you’re dealing with a coffee stain, just pour some beer onto it and let it sit for a while, then simply scrub it with soap and water and, presto, your stain will have vanished.

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